Mary Eisner

Mary Eisner is an experienced legislator, representing Derry in the State House from 2018 to 2020. She is a proven leader who can get to work on the issues that matter for Derry, which includes:

  • Support funding for public education

  • Support a woman's right to choose her options for medical care

  • Expand voting rights

  • Protect our environment from the effects of climate change

Voting information
For town & school election

Voting Location - March 8th, 2022

Calvary Bible Church
145 Hampstead Rd
Derry, NH 03038

Polls Are Open: 7am-8pm

The current Republican Budget is a financial burden to the average NH taxpayer. Budget provisions include:

Shifting the tax burden to the average taxpayer to the benefit of the wealthy and large corporations by:

  • Lowering the business enterprise andBusiness profit taxes.

  • Reimbursing wealthy investors $10 million.

  • Phasing out interest and dividends taxes.

  • Downshifting costs to municipalities.

*Check the facts: 1. 2021 HB2

The school voucher program, which:

  • Allows public tax dollars to payfor private and religious schools.

  • Is projected to cost $69.7 million- more than 5,000% over budget.

  • Has minimal oversight.

*Check the facts: 2., 8/31/21

The Budget also includes limitations to a woman’s right to medical care, and restrictions on how history is taught on subjects such as discrimination and racism.


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